Eat Up Lamp Maxi

Eat Up Lamp in Maxi

Eat Up Maxi is the largest shade in the Eat Up Range.

Handcrafted in high-quality frosted acrylic each shade is unique with individually shaped leaves mounted to a central ring with stainless steel bolts. Echoing the realities of growing on the allotment, leaves are punctured with caterpillar holes. Like an actual cabbage each one of slightly different. Not only are the holes on the leaves in different places, but every lamp is also hand-molded and so no shade is the same. This means each one is made to order and what you see in the photograph will differ slightly from what you receive.

Eat Up is an entirely modular system. The three sizes, fit inside one another, so that they can be added to or disassembled to fit your interior and need. The Maxi includes the Midi and Mini, all mounted to a central ring giving a layered and leafy look. That’s three layers of cabbagey goodness.

Maxi shades are 30cm high by 45 cm at its widest but as a consequence of the the hand-shaping process the size is variable.

Comes with a 40mm shade ring. We can provide a 30mm on request.

Colour: Shown here in Savoy can be ordered in Cannonball and Napa on request.

Size: Maxi/Large

Shade weight: 1.7kg.

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